Improve the health and welfare of production lifestock.


Laboratorios Karizoo an Aliviras Group company, a subsidiary of Sequent Scientific limited; founded in 1983 and located in Barcelona.

On October 2, 2003, Laboratorios Karizoo arrives in Mexico bringing the commitment to animal health and integrating as a leading company offering veterinary solutions globally, providing high quality products and offering natural solutions to support the challenges of Mexican producers.

Laboratorios Karizoo has a vademecum of pharmaceutical products, eubiotics and premixes with its own register and in constant expansion, collaborating with other laboratories that are part of the Alivira Group with integrity and adaptation, which has allowed the increase of registrations in Europe, Asia and America .


All medicines and additives for veterinary use, locally manufactured or imported from European Union, are manufactured according to the principles and guidelines of good manufacturing practices, both national and international.

Laboratorios Karizoo follows the principles and guidelines of the Correct Manufacturing Standards (CMS) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in its imported and national medicines, with the aim of guaranteeing the manufacture and control of medicines and achieving adequate quality levels.

Products made in Mexico have the European GMP certification and the Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices.

All Phytosolutions products are produced under the FAMI-QS Code standards by implementing a Food Safety Management System including Good Manufacturing Practices.


The professional growth and business ethics is a differential in Laboratorios Karizoo as our ethical values ​​are a determining issue in business philosophy. This is why our relationships are based on honesty, loyalty, truthfulness, tolerance and respect.

For us, animal health is very important, so we work with the objective of improving it as well as animal welfare. Product research aimed at improving their quality of life, makes the effort and dedication to our work rewarding.